SQUANTO. The Interpreter who made the First Thanksgiving Possible

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Tisquantum was one of the first interpreters to be recorded in the history of America. Most commonly known as Squanto, he helped to merge the language gap between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans playing an important role in the creation of a first Thanksgiving celebration.

Squanto translating for pilgrims

Squanto, was a member of the Patuxet tribe. He was kidnapped by the English explorer Thomas Hunt in 1614, and was taken to Europe where he learned to speak the English language. He eventually managed to escape and return back to North America in 1619.

In 1620 when the Mayflower arrived to the coast of Cape Cod Bay, Squanto played a key role to facilitate communication between the early settlers and the natives of this land.   He also taught the pilgrims how to plant corn, how to fish and gather berries and nuts for their survival.  Squanto’s sharing of this knowledge was integral to keep peace and help the early settlers in these early beginnings – establishing conditions that eventually led to a first Thanksgiving conscience in 1621.  President Lincoln declared the first national Thanksgiving Holiday celebration in 1863.

Squanto died in 1622 of “Indian Fever”.  William Bradford, the Governor of the Plymouth Colony at that time, stayed next to his deathbed and was deeply affected by this interpreter’s passing. He described it as a “great loss”.

Thanksgiving sign table

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020, let’s remember to be Thankful for the small blessings we have received.  Many families have suffered the loss of jobs, have had to adapt to routine changes, some children have felt bored and confused as to “why they can’t meet with their friends from school”, and many have lost dear family members and friends.   But we have learnt to “adapt”. To adapt to new hobbies and businesses opportunities. Pending projects were concluded and the community learnt to develop new ways of living.

Americans and people across the globe have learnt about Zoom and virtual chats to communicate with family, friends and in business. This has helped our communities to learn to cherish the simple moments lived each day and to find all the positive side of daily happenings.

This new way of connecting is what we are Thankful for!

At Merino Productions Multilingual Solutions, we are thankful to connect with agencies, organizations and companies to help them reach non-English speaking audiences.  Our passion to deliver the correct message mirrors what Squanto lived for:  to translate, to guide and to help with the best linguistic communication.

Wishing You and Family a Safe, Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving time!


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