The importance of selecting the “right” Language Service Provider for your translation or multimedia production.

With the advances in technology many people and companies believe they can translate text into foreign language and/or produce their own videos to communicate their media messages.

It is important to understand that the managing of these two media tools require an educated training and experience to avoid the risks of falling into loopholes when trying to produce messages for intended language markets. Would you allow students to produce your financial reports?

An experienced set of skills are needed to correctly translate all text and titles for maximum impact on the selected audience and medium. Clumsy message mistakes turn your piece into unusable material for the intended target market.

High quality translated content should be “clearly and correctly understood” by the target language recipients.

Examples of bad translations:

  1. Title: Pregnancy Disability Leave

Embarazo Dejar Discapacidad (Pregnancy Leave Your Disability)

  1. Message in Facebook:

Unos grandes!!! Felicitaciones.

(Salutation referring to the people who achieved something in a picture, meaning “they are great”).

Translation: Some big!!! Congratulations.

The same idea of quality assurance applies to professionally produced videos. Enhanced presentation of audio and graphics benefit recipients with busy lives who prefer a faster than reading communication media.

When thinking of producing a video take into consideration the following questions:

  • Will my video be useful for what?
  • Will the audio, titles and subtitles describe the exact message conveyed in the original language version?

This is when organizations should consider the importance of using a qualified language service provider with its own recording studio facilities instead of working with marketing firms who will then outsource the translation and the video production phases of a project.

Your organization will benefit by selecting Merino Productions Multilingual Solutions for translation and video production projects. We provide both services combined with savings in management time and production costs.

Merino Productions Multilingual Solutions is a Ventura, California based agency providing Multilingual Video Productions, Voice-Overs and Subtitles, App and Web Localization, Desktop Publishing and Certified Document Translations.  Specializing in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog and Vietnamese, we proudly serve the Technology, Local Government, Healthcare, Human and Social Services, Education and Corporate Industries.

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