Your qualified partner for document translations and interpreting services, voice-over recordings, subtitles and multilingual video productions. Twenty plus years of experience in the multilingual industry. We guarantee professional media-language solutions.

Multiple Character Voice Dubbing into Spanish


Merino Productions strives to ensure that final high quality projects are delivered in a timely manner, following business standard quality control criteria.

Voice-Over Recordings

Voice Over recording capabilities into requested languages, gender, voice and tone preferences, meeting your needs.

Document Translation

Certified Translation with attention to language nuances; creating glossary for consistency across all translated material.


Certified and qualified, Legal and Medical interpreting services provided on online platforms. Over the phone  available 24/7.

Specializing in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog and Vietnamese

Additional languages provided upon request


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Days of Work

Work References

Multiple Character Voice Dubbing into Spanish

Mural Painting Gift at the Family Justice Center by the Westlake Women’s Club
 Spanish PSA Production – Child Abuse Prevention Council
Spanish Voice-Over Recording for Child Abuse Prevention Council
Spanish Voice-Over Recording for Mixteco Radio Project
Commercial Production Sample in Spanish
Voice – Over and Subtitles Sample

Since 2004, Merino Productions offers Certified Translations and Media Production Services. The Merino team carefully manages all aspects of the production process for Voice Over Recordings, Document Translation and Interpreting needs, as well as additional services such as Subtitles and Video Productions. 


To provide trusted and experienced multilingual services with the ability to understand customer goals and drive business development; offering cost-effective multilingual solutions to help clients communicate the value of their products to diverse markets.  In other words, to “Merge the Language Gap”


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